Trout Fishing on Fire

Winter Trout on Point

Our local waters chilled down to the low 60’s about a month earlier than normal.  The cooler waters will send the trout off the shallow flats and into the deeper canals and basins.  They follow the glass minnows as they seek slightly warmer waters for the next couple of months.

Catching Wintertime Trout

Deep water winter spots create opportunities to catch lot’s of fish in one spot.  On a recent trip over 60 trout were caught without moving the boat.  Some days the fish will eat soft plastics worked slowly on the bottom.  Other days the slow approach of a live shrimp is the best presentation.

What Else is Biting

Other catches during the cooler months include redfish, snook, grouper, sheepshead, and ladyfish.  We are also catching blacktip sharks on occasion, which is a nice addition to the lineup.  The redfish tend to congregate around docks, and the same tactics for trout apply.  The other big draw are the sheepshead.  These tough fighters can be found in great numbers around deep water structure such and reefs and bridges.  Shrimp and crabs work best for the sheepshead.  They are really fun to catch as most will be large breeding fish.


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