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What Makes A Captain Effective

March 27, 2019
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Here on the west coast of Florida, there is no shortage of charter captains to choose from.  These days it seems everyone wants to take a crack at this business, mostly because they are really passionate about fishing.  But what makes a captain effective versus someone who is just a good fisherman?  First and foremost the captain should understand that this is a people business, period.  You are spending the day on a boat with people you have never met, so you better know how to get along with every type of person out there.  Many captains simply aren’t suited for this, and to me, it’s everything.  While catching fish is pretty easy, maybe the easiest part of the job, keeping clients happy and engaged when the fish aren’t cooperating is a skill that you either have or you don’t.  Our team has it.

The Work You Never See

Sometimes I wonder if client’s think about where we get the 500 sardines that we have in our baitwell every morning.  Many of them ask if we buy them, which makes me laugh and cry a little at the same time.  What they never see is the unbelievable daily grind of catching those baits.  Why do we do it then?  Cause those baits are the fuel for the days fishing.   The baits make a trip better than it could ever be otherwise.  Because we aim to provide the best experience possible, to show what our fishery can produce on any given day.  So waking up 4 hours before the charter starts is what a good captain does.  Then the good effective captain catches those baits fresh no matter where the captain has to go, or what ridiculous conditions have to be endured.  I can attest that on many mornings as I pull into the dock after catching bait I feel as though the day is over even though it has yet to begin.  Once the clients are on board there is a feeling of great relief, almost like a new day has dawned.  The hard work is over, and now the fun of getting to know clients and their families and catching great fish begins.

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