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June 17, 2020

Summer is here, in fact it’s been here for awhile. In sub-tropical Florida, summer arrives when it wants to. It doesn’t care about the calendar, and neither do the fish. May and June may be part of Spring up north, but here it is summertime. With that, the tarpon and snook fishing is tops on our daily routine. These two amazing gamefish conveniently gather in the same general areas, so they can both be targets on even a half day trip. The tarpon in summertime average 100 pounds, with many larger females to 200 pounds. With a 100 pound fish being 6 feet long, they make for great replica mounts for the wall. We are targeting them daily off the beaches and in the passes, making for a beautiful setting for these exciting fish.

The snook in summertime gather in large schools for the spawn as well, and that means lots of large females averaging 10 pounds and some to over 20. Unlike tarpon, a good summertime snook bite can mean 50 fish caught in a short session when the feed is on. Like the tarpon, the summertime snook need to be handled with great care to protect them during the critical spawning season. That means very limited time out of the water for photo, not laying in sand or on the deck to remove precious slime, being aware of predatory dolphins in the area, and using heavy enough tackle to keep the fight time to a minimum.

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