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Springtime Return to the Flats

February 27, 2019
backcountry snook

What’s Biting

We are experiencing a very warm February, and water temps have hit the magic mark early this year.  That means a return of gamefish to the shallow flats.  Snook, Redfish, Trout and others have invaded our grass flats in search of food.  The fish are hungry from a long cool winter season.  Their favorite food, at least in terms of what anglers are offering, is sardines.  We start every morning catching hundreds of sardines to maximize our chances of connecting with hungry fish.

Keys to Catching Flats Fish

One main thing to remember about springtime flats fishing.  The water is shallow and clear, so that means a stealthy approach is crucial.  We use our electric motor on low setting to creep into position and deploy our baits.  Long casts and light tackle helps keep wary fish as far from the boat as possible.

Why we love the Flats

The flats fishing allows for all skill levels to enjoy exciting high level fishing.  The avid angler will find that all those years practicing pays off in these scenarios, as  sight fishing is possible on most days.  Beginners will enjoy the frequent success of catching lot’s of usually picky fish.  Everybody wins on the flats.

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