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November Preview

November 4, 2019

November brings the most drastic change in weather of any month of the year for us. In the Tampa Bay area, the water temps can begin the month in the mid to low 80s, and end the month over 10 degrees colder. This sparks a drastic change in the habits and whereabouts of our fish. Here’s what to expect:

Cold Fronts

While October may bring us a front or 2, we usually have to wait until November for the first real blast of colder dryer air. The time change at the beginning of November also has a noticeable effect on the water temps, as the afternoon sun is cut short. Altogether this activates the flats species such as snook, trout, and redfish to feed aggressively in anticipation of the colder period yet to com. No fish is as sensitive to this change as is the snook. Instead of working through a half dozen or so at each spot, the fish can be caught by the dozens. Catches of 50 to 100 fish in a trip are possible this time of year. The falling temps of November congregate the bait and fish into smaller areas.

Off the Flats

November also brings the arrival of the pelagic species such as tuna, kingfish, spanish mackerel, and bonita. Inside the bay and off the beaches, these fish will be incredibly active as they tear through dense bait schools. In addition to the pelagics, November may be the best month to target the highly sough Gag Groupers. They migrate in from offshore and can be caught inside the bay. We like to drop live pinfish or troll large diving plugs. They are never easy to get into the boat, but very fun and tasty game. Combining a grouper/pelagic session in the morning with an afternoon of flats fishing is a November home run. Call now to book your adventure!

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