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It’s Redfish Time!

September 17, 2020
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As we reach the end of summer one thing is dominating the recent bite:  Redfish.  These shallow-water bruisers have schooled up by the hundreds on the shallow flats to spawn.  They feed heavily at times, and frustrate at other times.  Being patient and waiting the school out is usually rewarded with amazing results.  The fish are averaging 28 to 34 inches, with some approaching 40 inches.  In water 2 feet or less and with light tackle, this makes for incredible sport fishing.  It is not uncommon to have every angler on board hooked into a fish at once.  The best baits vary day to day, which is why it helps to enlist the help of a guide to ensure success.  Spotting the school from far away and making a stealthy approach, in addition to providing and placing the perfect bait is what seperates the pros from amateurs.

We are at the end of our giant Tarpon season, but there are still many around.  The good news is they feed heavily in preparation for the fall and winter.  The late season fish run big, with many in the 150 pound range.  If you didn’t get a chance to get your trophy Tarpon this season, there is still time.  Our tactics focus on deep water holes, often targeting fish that you would never know are even there.
Finally, the snook fishing is still very solid and set to explode as fall approaches.  One thing snook hate is cold water, and as the water drops they will begin to feed recklessly.  Soon enough catches of 30+ fish per session will be common.  The water temps have already dropped due to the summer rains and tropical season, and will continue to drop due to shortening days and lower temps.

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