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First Hint of Fall Fishing

October 28, 2018
snook in clearwater florida

The first hint of fall fishing has arrived and the fish have responded with incredible activity. All species will put the feed bag on in anticipation of winter when the bait may become scarce. In addition to the regular targets, we are now able to turn our attention to pelagics such as mackerel, kingfish, tuna, migrating grouper, etc. It is a great time to fish the Tampa Bay area as daytime temps are now in the 70’s instead of 90’s. Each day offers new opportunities as so many of our targets are available at once. One day might be tarpon, the next day we are fly fishing in skinny water. The next day might be muscling grouper and trolling for kingfish. Bottom line is, this is our favorite time of year for the variety and voracity of our fish.

Fall Snook Fishing

The snook fishing from now until at least the new year will be some of the best of the year.  Catches of 50 to 100 snook in one day will be possible.  This sub-tropical species feels the drop in water temperature more than any other fish we have.  The abundance of bait will steadily fall as will their metabolism.  While we will be busy catching a wide variety of fish these next two months, snook will always be a great option.  Expert anglers will have their hands full and their skills tested on fish near the bushes and creeks.  Big snook over 15 pounds will give anyone a test.  These fish are also a great option for family fun fishing.  Our expert captains know how to find schools of fish on the open flats that will keep kids busy and excited for hours.   So in between the holidays let’s squeeze in a few trips.  They could be the best of the year, and the weather is perfect!

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