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Family Vacation Fishing

July 19, 2018
shark caught near st petersburg

So you have 2, 3, 4 kids whatever and want to spend a day fishing with the whole family.  It may seem like it’s going to be more of a hassle, or that you will compromise your fishing fantasies to appease the group.  Well have no fear.  We are experts at making sure everyone on the boat is happy and in the bite!  That can be the difference between a day of struggle and a successful day of family vacation fishing.

Something for Everyone

Again, here is the scenario:  you want the kids happy and occupied, but would like to satisfy your desires to catch a memorable fish of your own.  Well, you can do both.  Keeping the kids happy starts as soon as they climb aboard.  The thing that catches their attention day in day out?  The bait.  Kids (especially younger) will spend hours peering into the livewell to watch the hundreds of bait fish swimming around.  With some kids that’s all they need all day.  Their gaze will be focused in the boat and not out on the water.  Our captains won’t scold the kids for touching the baits.  After all, we catch all those baits for YOU!  For older kids or more experienced anglers we will find some hungry fish that they can handle on their own.  I have put small kids on really big fish, but I find that they are more satisfied if the fish matches their size more appropriately.  That way they learn how to work the tackle properly, and they have the “buy-in” that gets them hooked for life.

Don’t Forget Mom and Dad

Of course we didn’t forget mom and dad want something bigger as well. The fix is simple.  We choose spots that have plenty of active smaller fish, while at the same time we put the big tackle out for something “full-grown”.  It’s funny, I have seen kids go nuts for a 1 pound snapper only to be completely uninterested when dad is fighting a 100 lb tarpon.  My suggestion is not to fight it, give everyone what they want.  There, everyone is happy. Successful family vacation fishing.

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