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Perfect Weather Yields Quality

We are back on track now in April, with light winds and clear water we continue to sight cast big fish.  I like to treat clients to the most remote corners of our area, and find the fish that haven’t seen a boat all season.  Just yesterday we hooked several trophy snook in shallow clear …

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Redfish a welcome addition

Redfish are now on every flat we visit.  Fishing in Tampa Bay allows for outstanding sightfishing for slot to overslot redfish in shallow waters.  On recent trips this week we have caught fish in the 15 pound range in barely enough water to cover their backs.  We have caught most fish on live sardines, but …

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Sightfishing in Shallow Water

The Spring fishing continues to be successful.  The water has been crystal clear on the flats, so we have been able to see fish chasing and striking our baits at every spot.  Fun stuff.  Big redfish and snook of all sizes have been the ticket.  We should have a couple more weeks of this action …

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Time for Big Fish

April is upon us, and that means it’s time to catch big fish.  Our most recent outing yielded more big snook than any trip so far this year.  Giant Tarpon will be feeding this month as the water temperature finally approaches 80 degrees.  But that’s not all, big Cobia will be roaming the flats as …

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Spring is Here and Fishing is on Fire!

The Clearwater and Tampa fishing enters the spring season and this is some of my favorite. Redfish, snook and tarpon are all options and slams are possible every single day. We have been fishing every single day and as I type this I’m getting ready for tomorrows trip but wanted to give you an update. …

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Big Fish Are Snappin’ In Clearwater, Tampa & St. Pete!

They are biting and we are catching them.  It’s 5am in the morning and I’m getting ready to go ahead, but I wanted to show of some of these great catches.  My anglers did great in the presentation and getting them to the boat for the release. I can’t wait to see what today brings! …

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Tournament Winners! The Canterbury Cup

Overall winners on the 2015 Canterbury Cup. Congrats to Adam and Mike Arbisi, and well, I guess Rick Waltman too. 93 inch total. Here are a few pics:

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