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First Hint of Fall Fishing

Fall Fishing: What It Means For Us The first hint of fall fishing has arrived and the fish have responded with incredible activity. All species will put the feed bag on in anticipation of winter when the bait may become scarce. In addition to the regular targets, we are now able to turn our attention …

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Late Season Tarpon Rally As Promised

A Season In Question With all of the news about Red Tide this year I was more concerned than usual about the late season tarpon rally.  Every year going back as long as I can remember the fish have put on a show of feeding for the ages.  I focus my trips on the new …

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Great Fishing and Red Tide Update

Red Tide Let’s get the ugly business out of the way first.  The Red Tide along the west coast of Florida has remained outside of Tampa Bay so far.  Pinellas County beaches were hard hit this past week as was the Intracoastal Waterway.  We all remain hopeful that it will dissipate soon, however it is …

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Tides and Summertime Pattern Changes

Yes it’s Still Hot September marks the pre-transition period where the summertime pattern ends and the tides change.  To the untrained eye not a lot has changed as it is still hot humid and rainy every day.  However, if you know what to look for you will notice that many things in our estuarine environment …

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Redfish Season Is Here

Redfish Season Technically there is no season on Redfish here in Tampa Bay.  We refer to the late summer and early fall as “season” because the fish are schooled up for the spawn.  These schools can number anywhere between 30 fish to over 300.  The days when they number in the hundreds are amazing.  It’s …

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July Fishing Report and Algae Bloom Update

The Summer Snook bite is in full swing here in Tampa Bay and Clearwater as well as other species and we’ll get to that. But first, let’s address the Algae Bloom and Red tide that has garnered national attention. Several of our customers have called us with concerns about the Algae Bloom that has caused …

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Bottom Fishing to Find Cooler Waters

Finding Cooler Waters The waters in and around Tampa Bay will continue to hover between 85 and 90 degrees for the next 6 weeks.  If you are in an area that receives more sunshine than rain for a week then the temps will climb.  Only when we have a tropical system or a period of …

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Family Vacation Fishing

Fishing with the Whole Family So you have 2, 3, 4 kids whatever and want to spend a day fishing with the whole family.  It may seem like it’s going to be more of a hassle, or that you will compromise your fishing fantasies to appease the group.  Well have no fear.  We are experts …

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Post Spawn Tarpon Return Hungry

The Tarpon spawn is winding down which means the bite is heating up.  Gone are the days of throwing a bait into schools of fish and watching as they ignore it over and over.  I have seen my last “daisy chain” of fish, and I don’t miss it a bit.  The fish that return from …

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Book Now for the Biggest Fish of a Lifetime

What is your Biggest fish?  I am asked that almost every day on the way out of the marina.  There are a few different big fish that we encounter on a regular basis.  In our waters of Tampa Bay giant tarpon are abundant.  They range from “small”, but are commonly 6 feet long and over …

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