Spring Came Early

It’s not even Valentine’s day and we are experiencing temperatures around 80 degrees all week. These warm temps, along with sunny afternoons, drive the water temps up a little each day. Two weeks ago the snook fishing was non-existent, and now if has exploded. The first rites of spring bring a voracious bite after the …

Mid-Winter Update

As I always say, every year is a little different. Then you throw in trends, cycles, and changes that seem to be permanent. When it comes to weather, the sportsman is as reliable as the meteorologist (not quite). Anyway, this season has been rather average, with one caveat: the normal cold period of mid-January was …

Heading Into Winter

As we move into winter and beyond, the water temperature drops with each passing cold front. This weekly change provides a variety of opportunities. Tis’ the season to roll with the punches. If the weather is warmer, humid, pre- cold front; then we target the flats and creeks for snook, trout, and redfish. Banner days …

November Preview

November brings the most drastic change in weather of any month of the year for us. In the Tampa Bay area, the water temps can begin the month in the mid to low 80s, and end the month over 10 degrees colder. This sparks a drastic change in the habits and whereabouts of our fish. …

October Fishing Report

Moving into October we will continue to target schools of redfish in shallow water. If I have the choice, I would start at the bottom of a low tide and locate the schools. As the tide begins to rise, the fish will push very shallow and work their way through these areas to feed. Often …

Giants of Late Summer

Summer in Florida certainly has it’s challenges, but finding big trophy fish isn’t one them. Sharks, Tarpon, Snook, Goliaths, Redfish etc, they are all feeding aggressively now. There is too much content to go over in one post, so I will be adding other posts soon to tackle giant snook ,overslot redfish, and tarpon individually. …

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Summer Update

Whats Biting in Summer This summer season is underway, and it has been pretty typical of past years.  We have had some weeks of our “reverse” weather pattern, which indicates a southwest wind flow and morning coastal showers.  Other weeks have been fairly typical, and both patterns have produced tarpon with regularity, and snook in …

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Tarpon Migration is Here

Tarpon on the Beach The tarpon have arrived in full force this season.  This annual phenomenon occurred about 2 weeks earlier than last year, which is a significant difference.  The reasons for this are possibly not understood even by scientists.  Every fisherman adheres to certain theories, and I have my own.  I believe that the …

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Tarpon Season Is Upon Us

Early Season We are in the midst of early tarpon season, and it looks like a good one so far.  Our local fish that show up to feed in April and May are right on cue, taking up residence over structure and under bridges in deep water.  The tarpon will feed best during the strongest …

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Spring Fishing is Wide Open

Late April into May The successes of early spring have now given way to water temperatures on the rise.  This has been an interesting season for a couple reasons.  One, the water temperature stayed right around 70 degrees for much longer than usual.  This led to a prolonged early spring bite, but it also prevented …

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