Mid-Winter Update

As I always say, every year is a little different. Then you throw in trends, cycles, and changes that seem to be permanent. When it comes to weather, the sportsman is as reliable as the meteorologist (not quite). Anyway, this season has been rather average, with one caveat: the normal cold period of mid-January was replaced by a warm up. This recent warm up pushed the water temps up to 72+, and triggered a spring run. Fifty plus fish sessions became the norm and it was mid-March already. Now all that progression has retreated, and we are back down to 60. 60 degrees is the baseline for winter. Any colder and the fishing grinds to a halt and fish struggle to survive. Stay above it and a fun day can be had.

The colder temps for this upcoming week will have us catching giant winter trout in deep water canals. Also a good bet is bottom fishing for snapper, grouper, sheepshead and the like. When we travel to the backcountry in winter we will be playing with some giant jack crevalles, the best fight in mid-winter.

Capt. Ben

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